Sending Hex or Dec commands to DigiOne SP via socket

I have DigiOne SP connected to a digital length gauge via serial port. Serial port is configured according to the length gauge’s specs.

I need to send a decimal or hexadecimal command to it via socket, however no matter what I do I never get an answer back from the equipment.

If I connect the equipment to my PC via serial port and run a VT100 terminal, I can send any of the commands below that I will get the length from the equipment:
HEX: 7C0054504F53000000000001C204
DEC: 124000084080079083000000000000000001194004

Now when I try doing the same commands via Digi nothing really happens. I know my socket connection is working because when I put the loopback connector to the DB9 port I get the message back.

I’ve used DigiOne SP on the same architecture with different equipments with no issues but this specific one is giving me a hard time to find out the correct message format I should be sending.

Does anyone has any clue? Really appreciate any help.