Series 2 - out of box - do not communicates

From 20 new XBP-24B modules 18 have been successfully updated trough X-CTU. Other 2 pcs do not communicate to X-CTU.
Trying to make something usefull , i found “Xbee bootloader” section in document 90033931_a.pdf (
So i tryed sequence described there (DinPin=SLEEP_pin=0 at power up, release DIN, send carriage return to module at 115kbaud).
On terminal window of X-CTU i received text as follow:

Ember Range Test Application v2.0
may 8 2007:20:23:13
Set to channel 0x0B

What to do from here?

Not an answer to your question— because I don’t know anything about that (I did read that bit though, never needed to try it!) but here are my thoughts for you:

What OS did you try the flash from on the two that wouldn’t go? I’ve found Windows 7 to be problematic, Vista to be iffy, and XP to work pretty reliably. I suspect some difference in the FTDI drivers.


i was used XP, with real serial port.
At end: i think top level firmware was destroyed, bootloader was visible and callable. I successfully loaded ZB stack and bootloader “dissapeared”. I have some conversations with Online support, they are in “case” :

But probably case is not visible for others.

In Digi’s papers is very little info about bootloader…