Settings for Unknown Clients

I try to set “Settings for Unknown Clients” but when I click to “apply” to get the error message “Configuration save failed
An error occurred while applying the configuration.”

I use AnywhereUSB Configuration 2Port.


Hi Robert and welcome on Digi Forum!

If your model is a Anywhere USB 2 plus, basing on the description of your issue, I think you need to “APPLY” the admin password in the web GUI (see here:

Basically, you should go in the Web interface System > Device Configuration and you should see highlighted in RED and expanded, the Authentication > Users > admin section. There, enter a password (you may enter the one printed on the box or a new one) and “APPLY” on the upper right button.

After that, login again and you should be able to save all changes.

If you have any further issues, please see here Digi Support options:

Digi Technical Support Team