How to configure the ip adress of a Anywhere 8port USB hub ?

We have tried to configure the ip of a Anywhere 8 port USB hub from the cmdline interface.
We have logged in with the admin user and password, but we get the following error message when we try to save the config:

> config
(config)> save
Validation error: auth user admin password: required value
Configuration not saved.

Please help !

From the host PC, explore to, and click the Drivers tab under Product Support. 2. Select your working framework starting from the drop list, then, at that point, download the AnywhereUSB driver programming. The AnywhereUSB Remote Hub Configuration Utility opens after establishment.

this information is for the obsolete 2nd generation (G2) AnywhereUSB products using the Remote Hub Utility.
e.g. AW-USB-2, AW-USB-5, AW-USB-5M, AW-USB-14, AW*-44

AnywhereUSB Plus 8 port is a 3rd generation (G3) AnywhereUSB Plus product using the Digi AnywhereUSB Manager, products supported: AW02-G300, AW08-G300, AW24-G300.

The command line interface (CLI) for AnywhereUSB Plus products is explained in the user guide:
see commands:

when you logged in to the CLI, there was a selection menu, you have to select “a” for Admin CLI:

The CLI is an interactive shell, so after typing “config” just type ? to see next available options.