Software looses connection to hardware dongle

Hi everyone

We are running a trial VM environment for our process control software, and are having a few issues with the hardware key that is required to run it.

We purchased an Anywhere USB/5 device to get it connected to the VM, and for the most part it works just fine. Ever noun and then, the software is unable to see the key, and after a short period, the software refuses to work.

We are running a windows 2003 SP2 terminal server environment, and I have updated the drivers for the Anywhere USB/5 device to the latest ones available, and also updated the usb key drivers to the latest available.

The event log on the Anywhere USB utility shows a few errors popping up. I don’t think they are entered in when communications fail since there is no time stamp, but here is the message.

00000007 ! Assertion Failed in “txprotutil.c” Line 443
“TxStatus == TX_SUCCESS”
Firmware v2.30.0005 Uptime 6hrs 21min 12s
Registers: 08067C9F 08067C8F 000001BB FFFFFFFF
0000000C 00000000 00000000 00000000
00000022 000001BB 08067C9F 08067C8F
08067C9F 0033E420 080117C0 08016008
Stack: C0000001 00370048 003714C8 00000003
00000000 0036E15C 003714C8 00000000
00000002 00000000 0033E4D8 0033E498
0800F70C 08011760 00000002 00000000
00000000 00000003 00370048 0000000C
003714C8 0036FFDC 00000002 0036E15C
00000000 00000000 00370048 0033E520
0033E4DC 0800FBD0 0800F6B8 00000002

When the problem occurs, disconnecting and reconnecting the device, or rebooting the device fixes the problem.

We are trying to get another usb key to see if it is the problem, but haven’t been able to rule it out yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could possibly do to get it working?


I’ll be working with you directly through our support “web portal”. I saw that you opened a support case there. Please check your e-mail for my reply.

refer to Kbase article