Unstable windows device drivers for realport USB with Vmware? Turs on/off

USB device drivers (RealportUSB host) on win server 2012 R2 running on Vmware are unstable. I am connected to the anywhere USB at all times, but periodically the connected licence-dongle is “missing”. The USB icon in the USB configuration utility turns green. Seems to me OS is reenabling dev drivers… idk.

Ensure you have the latest drivers and firmware for the AnywhereUSB device.

Does a USB mouse get detected properly?

Updated win and firmware. Drivers are already the latest version (3.60.60). Still device drivers drop every 10-20 minutes for approx. one minute. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

What exactly drops off?

You can not access the AnywhereUSB device or see the license dongle?

The dongle is not visible to my software. The device drivers in win control panel dissapares, the colour on the usb icon connected to my subnet (internet connection) turns green (AnywhereUSB config utility) I have done several ping tests and its not a connection problem.

Ensure you are using the latest driver dongle package for your license dongle

Digi has a knowledge base article on this


Are you still seeing this issue?