Some help using a Digi XBee S1 Pro

Hope this is in the right section.

So I have a Xbee USB Adapter S1 Pro that we use to communicate with devices called BFD’s that are on batteries to get the state of charge ect.

The software that comes with these BFD’s is somewhat limited and I wanted to poke around with possibly writing some personal software for a facility overview.

I’ve had a little experience in working with Zigbee devices and comm communication but can’t seem to figure out what I need to do with these.

On the software that comes with the devices you can click “Find BFD’s” or “Find Chargers” so I imagine you set some kind of channel or frequency for the device to search for. Is there a generic command I need to send or setting I need to set to achieve this?

Thanks for the help!

So you have some devices where the manufacturer provides an XBee and software to interface with from your computer?

If you insert a serial line sniffer (software or hardware) can track API commands the software uses for varying functions. Bonus points for running an over-the-air 802.15.4 sniffer. Might be able to figure out what they’re doing and reverse-engineer the protocol to implement your own front-end.