Sony VTR & AccelePort Xr 4r EIA-422

I have connected a Sony VTR (J30) using the RS422 9-Pin to an accelePort Xr 4r (EIA-422).
the issue is very simple: I can’t detect the sony device using the rs422 sony protocol.

Note: On the same computer, I have successfully detected the sony device using the standard COM Port (RS-232), with a special converter cable (232 -> 422) from Rosetta Stone.

Hello, Please provide the operating system and version, and also the installed driver version.
Please provide the part number type of Digi cable or connector box.
Please provide a diagram of which pins you are using going from the Digi connector to the pins on the Sony VTR side. I’ll also need to know which pins on the Sony represent which signals.

Operating system: windows XP Professional SP2
Digi cable: DB-9 female RS-422 fan-out cable (60000216 C)
Sony VTR pins : RS-422A Serial (female)

As you can see, we needed a male/male connector between the fan-out cable and the rs422 connector on the sony side. Our french digi vendor did not provided us the right fan-out cable.

Concerning the diagram, here is what I have found concerning Sony RS-422A Serial Pin connections :
TX- “A” : 2
TX+ “B” : 7
GND : 4,6
RX- “A” : 8
RX+ “B” : 3

Concerning the digi fan-out cable:

RTS+ : 2
RTS- : 3
CTS- : 5
CTS+ : 4
SIN+ : 6
SIN- : 7
SOUT- : 9
SOUT+ : 8

Ok, I have build a cable (routing TX on RX) and it worked.

I was thinking rs-422 was somthing standard… but it’s not…