SSL error on Windows Server 2022


I’m having issues trying to reach my AnywhereUSB on the network from a virtual machine running Windows Server 2022.
I have attached the error logs and version of the client in the screenshot.
The AnywhereUSB appliance is running on firmware
When I test from a physical computer running Windows 10, the PC is able to reach the AnywhereUSB without problems.
So I can’t find if it’s an issue with the OS version or if it’s an issue of using a virtual machine.

Thank you for your help

Within AnywhereUSB Manager, under Configure → Manage Hub Credentials, look for the listing of your device. If you see your device there, highlight the device, then hit the Remove button. Now, reboot your AnywhereUSB Plus hub, then see if the AnywhereUSB Manager client can make a connection with the Hub when it comes back up.

If the above doesn’t work, there are some additional ideas within the Troubleshooting section of the AnywhereUSB Plus User Guide (AW08-G300 manual linked below):

If that still doesn’t get you working, please contact Technical Support and open a support case so we can take a deeper look.