ST-1620 on Sun V480?

I have a Sun V480 that recently replaced an old Enterprise 4000 server here. We had an ST-1620 attached to it. The new V480 sees the device at the console level. I can do a ‘probe-scsi-all’ and see it on the bus, but when I boot, the kernel doesn’t see it, and the driver doesn’t install. Has anyone else gotten this combination to work?

The STS driver for Solaris does support Solaris 8, so this should work. Have you reinstalled the driver since migrating to the new server? If not, this would be a good thing to try first. Let us know how that goes…

What is the O.S. version?

Solaris 8

Yes. I installed the driver, but for some reason, the device doesn’t show up in dmesg, even though it sees it from a ‘probe-scsi-all’. The S75etherlite script just exits out, doing nothing. The old machine we had this attached to was an E4000, which is an Sbus. The new machine is a PCI-based V480. Could this have anything to do with it?

Can you see the unit running cdscanbus?

If so, try removing the /kernel/drv/ct.conf file, re-install the driver and reboot the server.

Make sure you answer yes to the “Are there SCSI-based Digi modules already installed on this machine? (y/n)” question, or the units will not be configured.

Also, make sure SCSI card is a single-ended bus and
not differential.

Since, Digi International no longer supports these obsolete SCSI Terminal Server products, if the above recommendations do not work, there is a possibility this product simply will not work in the V480 server.


Can’t open diagnostic port ‘/dev/sts/stsdiag’

Since /dev/sts doesn’t exist, this is not surprising.

The SCSI card is single-ended.

When I run the install script, it never asks me about a SCSI box. It just asks for an IP address:

Each EtherLite module must be assigned a unique IP address.
Consult with your network administrator to obtain an IP for
this module. An example IP address is ‘’

The IP address of this module is:

Perhaps this is the problem? How do I get it to ask for the SCSI unit?

What driver version/part number are you installing?

The file I downloaded is 4001978b.sis. This is the same driver that is installed and working on an E5000 system here, also running the same OS version.