upgrading firmware

Hi, I’ve combed through all the information I could find, but could not find a solution to my problem.

I have one server running solaris 8 (sparc, a v120) and using el-16s with the FAS driver (7.9) and the sts driver on the server.

I have a new server connecting up to these same el-16s running solaris 9 (sparc, a v120), so my guess from what I’ve read is that I have to use the realport driver now and the 1.7 drivers on the el-16s (The new server is taking over for the other server at the moment, it is offline).

I cannot find a firmware bootfile that I can use to upgrade the el-16s. The only thing I have seen is a file named 80007008_E.bin, which does not look at all like other firmware files I see on my systems (i.e. el16.prm, el160.prm).

I do not have access to a pc right now to use that to try to configure el-16s. And this is all being done remotely.


My choice is to try to continue using the FAS drivers and getting the ct server driver working under Solaris 9. If the sts driver (ct) can work under solaris 9, this is what I would prefer to do for now.


Upgrading to realport and uploading a new firmware to the el-16s, which I cannot find an appropriate bootfile to try to upload.

Am I stuck with only one of those options above, and for whichever option, what can be done to get things working.


Through continuous effort, I have solved my own problem. Please ignore my above post.