Static IP - Hide my router

Hello everyone

I have a WR21 with a 3G sim, with static IP.

I have configured my local Network with a server and a NAS, so I can connect from my internet to my private Network through portforwarding

BUT when i Browse my ip from the Internet, the login page to my router show up !!! Every one can see its a Digi Wr 21 and its sn number ect.

How can I hide this ?
Can I do something, so other people just get a “this page doesn’t exist” page ?

But off cause I still need to get access to my local Network.

Do you have more Things that you think I should configure in the router for safety ?

Contact Digi Technical Support

You have to use the Firewall rules to drop the connection from Internet to your Digi (HTTP/HTTPS and SSH/Telnet protocol).