TCP IP Connection refused on port 25


I am trying to make TCP/IP tunnel application in Digi Connect-Me 9210. For some reasons the digi module IP address could not connect with the port 25, its only working fine with port 23, when i try to connect with port 25 it gives me this error.

TCP connection error :10061 (Error in Hercules Setup utility).

Any Help.

the aim of this application is taking the data from digi and send it on the global server and vice versa.


port 23 is Telnet port
port 25 is send mail port (SMTP)
are you trying to connect to ME9210 port 25, or are you initiating connection from ME9210 to some external host to it’s port 25?

Thanks to get back,

Yes actually i want to connect with port 25 with internal/external host. i need to know which properties or parameters i need to write for this purpose.?

I am still not clear on this.
you initiate a connection from ME9210 to remote host port 25
What protocol? telnet? socket?
Please provide more details.

let me make it simple.

i am using the TCP-Serial Tunnel application sample project for data transmission. I could see that we can sent data using the serial ports but I want to sent data on the same/different network but not using the serial port using the tcp/ip protocol. how could i do that. i have also posted an other question on the forum related to the same issue but i have explained in more details.


The exmple you mention is bidirectional - it sends data received from TCP over serial, but it also sends data it receives from serial port over TCP