The AnywhereUSB/2 driver after the Windows Server 2008 R2 updating isn't started

We use AnywhereUSB/2. Everything successfully worked. After installation of updates of Windows Server 2008 R2 the driver ceased to be launched, Windows gives an error message: “It wasn’t succeeded to load driver \Driver\awvusbd for the AWUSB\AWUSBHC_0002\HostController_192.168.3.240_1 device.”
In a device manager of Windows gives the message: “It isn’t possible to check the sign-code signature of the drivers necessary for this device. In case of last modification of the equipment or the software installation of incorrectly signed or damaged file or a malicious application of an unknown origin could be made. (Code 52)”.
The connected USB devices (HASP) aren’t defined
How to launch the driver? Whether there is a driver with the sign-code signature?

Have you tried Uninstalling the AnywhereUSB driver, then rebooting the computer, then Re-installing the AnywhereUSB driver?