Transmit only works below a certain IR (Sample Rate)

When my XBee is attached to a USB Explorer breakout board and connected to usb power (doesn’t need to be PC) everything transmits fine. However, if I do not use the USB Explorer breakout, but any other power supply, the XBee will only transmit when IR is <= 5000ms. Sleep mode is off. I have a Power Supply, and can confirm proper voltage and amperage are being supplied. Why would the XBee function properly only when IR is <= 5000ms? At 6000ms it works sometimes, at 7000ms it works seldom, and above that it doesn’t work at all. I have tested with a number of different XBees and power supplies and all have the same issue. I would prefer not to sample and transmit every 5 seconds because it is way too frequently.

I am out of ideas. Any thoughts?

what exactly are you trying to do? You should not need to set IR to send serial data at all.

I am reading a temperature sensor from one XBee and transmitting it to another XBee as an API dataframe. From what I have read, the IR dictates how often the XBee will sample the sensor and transmit the data.

IR is used for Analog data pulled from one of the modules ADC lines.

Yes, which is what I am doing. I have the pin set to ADC and I am setting the IR to sample my analog sensor. However, as mentioned, for some reason this only works when the IR is < 5000ms, unless it is connected to a USB explorer and a USB power supply. The problem isn’t around whether or not I know how to properly sample analog data, the problem is when I set the IR > 5000ms nothing is transmitted unless the XBee is connected to a USB explorer and USB power supply. Below 5000ms, and everything works fine without the explorer or power supply.