Troubleshooting, LEDs, no connection


I procured a PortServer TS4.

  • Did the factory reset, LEDs do the right thing.
  • Power up, no ethernet cable, LEDs do the right thing, Power flashing, waiting for an IP address or seeking IP
  • Connect ethernet cable, and then the sad activity light turns amber and stays amber. The green link light is solid.

I tried doing an ARP to reconfigure the IP address based on the MAC on the sticker. Didn’t work. Pinging it didn’t work. And still the amber activity light is solid.

I tried running from the Digi RealPort software.
No luck in recognizing the MAC address when I tried.

The manual says solid amber means Bad Initialization,
although note that amber only shows up when an ethernet cable is plugged in.

What shall I do???!!!
Is there any way to know what the default IP address is based on factory defaults?
Ideally, my network would assign it an IP.

Any ideas?