unable to configure the s2 module as znet2.5 router/end device AT in xctu 6.1.0

i’m unable to configure my xbee s2 module as ZNET2.5 router/end device AT in X-ctu 6.1.0. when i try to do so it is writing the firmware but at the end(while reading the parameters) it is showing the error message as " Could not find any device in port COM5 > Error initializing XBee device parameters > Connection timeout."

but i could configure the other configurations such as ZNET2.5 router/end device API , Zigbee router/end device AT. there was no problem with these configurations.

can someone help me out…!

The Znet 2.5 code is no longer support and has been for a few years. As such, I would not expect a product shuch as XCTU NG to support a product or Code that has not been supported for 3 to 4 years.