Unable to Read ANI\ALI from Zentron 3200

We are currently in the process of converting all serial outputs to IP. Currently, We have one of your systems connected to our Vmware infrastructure using a Telebyte Model 31 4 RS-232 Port Splitter. We are currently planning to move these systems to another datacenter across town, however the Zetron system will be residing at its current location. To make the move easier, we purchased a DIGI PortServer TS 4 Serial to IP Device.

The problem is that whenever I connect my serial input to the the Portserver TS 4, I do not get any output in hyperterminal. However, when I connect the line directly to my computer, it comes out just fine.

Model: PortServer TS 4
Firmware Version: Version 82000747_W 10/23/2013

Device Driver Version 4.5.372.0

I have even directly telnet to the device, running commands “connect 1” but I do not get any output. Lastly, logging into the Serial Port Diagnostics I have green lights on RTS, DTR, and DSR.

This sounds like a possible cabling issue. Do you have the pin-outs for the Zetron serial port or the working cable used with your computer?