Update RCM5600W firmware over WiFi


How to update RCM5600W firmware over WiFi, without plug usb cable?

Thank you.

You should look at the following link:
Application Note: AN421 - Remote Program Update

@MargaretK, Thanks for the information… After I read AN421 app note, I’m confused by description on first page:

1.2 Software Requirements

“An initial program must be loaded onto the hardware via the programming cable (using either Dynamic C or the Rabbit Field Utility (RFU)) before the remote update feature can be used to then install a firmware .bin file.”.

  1. What the initial program here?
  2. Initial program must be loaded through the “programming cable”. Is the loading process is done only once or every time before updating the program?

Thank You.

You must load software on to your Rabbit first using Dynamic C and a programming cable. Then you will be able to upload a newer version of that software remotely.

Yes, I’m understand. Thank you for point out.