Upgrading to 8port+ can I run old and new software in tandem

Currently I have 2 ( 5 port ) AnyWhere devices installed with Remote Hub Configuration Utility Version 3.96.259. I just received the 8 port+, can I install the new software on the server without it conflicting with the old Digi software or do I need to uninstall the old software before I can install the new software. I want to minimize the downtime so if I can keep both old and new versions installed that would preferable.

@jgm , yes, the Anywhere USB (G2) and AnywhereUSB Plus (G3) products each use a unique driver, the drivers/products can run side-by-side without interference.

This is due to the fact that each of the drivers can’t “see” the other type of product, and the products/drivers use a different TCP port over which the associated driver communication occurs.