USB Anywhere BSOD crashing repeatedly

I installed the drivers for my USBAnywhere5 and finally got my scanner (Canon MF6500) to work. Problem is the scanner/copier/printer has some sort of refresh that it does every so often and everytime it does this I get BSOD:


Technical information:
*** STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020,0x89734A78,0x89734AC0,0x0A090001)

My drivers are as follows:
Host Controller: 4/10/09 awvusbd.sys
RootHub: 4/10/09 IonHub.sys

Please help unable to resolve this. Also unplugging the copier and plugging back in results in BSOD. Very consistant able to duplicate everytime.


I recommend installing the latest AnywhereUSB driver, which is version 2.70. You can download it here, and install it over the top of the existing version:

After updating the driver, does this issue still happen?

We are also having the same issue using our AnywhereUSB_5 device with software dongles. I have a memory dump and logs available.

New driver same problem. Unplug the copier and plug it back in gives the same failure.

Please run the AnywhereUSB Viewer Utility, click Options / Create Log File, save that file and upload it.

Also, please connect that Canon device directly to the PC (NOT to the AnywhereUSB) and then download and run the AnywhereUSB Check Utility, then let me know if it passes (if it’s listed as compatible) or fails (if it’s listed as incompatible).

log file attached.

attached direct to the computer:

4 USB devices found.

No incompatible devices found.

Compatible devices found:

USB Human Interface Device VID = 0x413C PID = 0x2003

USB Human Interface Device VID = 0x045E PID = 0x008C

USB Composite Device VID = 0x04A9 PID = 0x2686

Logitech USB Camera (Ultra Vision) VID = 0x046D PID = 0x08C9

Had the same results running this when connected through the AWUSB5 hub.

Unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable causes no harm when connected direct to the computer.

Unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable causes BSOD when connected direct to the AWUSB5 hub.

Please configure the PC for a “Complete” memory dump via System Properties / Advanced / Settings (in the Startup and Recovery section).

Then re-create the issue.

Then zip up the memory dump, and upload it to our FTP site using the following info:

Host name:
Username: austin
Password: !15st3n!

Create a folder called “speedntktz” and upload the .zip file there.

Finally let me know once it’s uploaded.

Done. Had to use RAR as the file was too big to zip.

Thanks. I’ll run this by our engineering group. Would you please fill out the information in your profile, like your name, business name (if applicable) and e-mail address?

email address is in my profile. Let me know when you get something. I had to uninstall the unit and it is currently a $250 paperweight.

I think you need to make your e-mail address public. Can you do that please? I’ll then contact you directly via e-mail to get your other contact info.


We’ll need more details so I’ll e-mail you shortly with some questions.

Any news? Still waiting without hearing back via email or new post to the forum. Unit has become a paper weight.