USB Modem Connectivity across subnets - Drops Connection

Good Day,

I have a AnywhereUSB/5 MHC device which has a Sierra Wireless USB modem connected to it. When the device is connected to a server on a local network (but across subnets) it works fine. When I then try to use the modems with the AnywhereUSB device located across a firewall I can connected to the Anywhere but sending GSMAT commands to the modem fails and it seems I can not communicate with the modem despite what appears to be a successful connection. As I say all works well when on the same local network (across subnets).

Any help would be appreciated.


Refer to the KBase

Hi sans,

Thanks you for your response.

Yes I have seen this page before and accept that it is not officially supported, but as mentioned it does work perfectly fine for my Sierra Wireless GSM modem (for sending texts) when the AnywhereUSB device and connected server is on a LAN. I can also connect to the AnywhereUSB device across a WAN but at this point the modem communication seems to break down. I was hoping someone may be able to advise on a possible change on my network (have since tried opening all ports) as I accept there is not much more I can do on the AnywhereUSB device.