USB to Serial device with AnywhereUSB

We have a AnywhereUSB/5 1.80 (PN: (1P) 50000818-05 D SN: (S) W847F6A84) which I trying to get a Davis Weather Station console to run through. The console is detected as a Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART bridge.
This device works when physically plugged into the machine(s) (Win XP SP3 and Win 2003 SP1), but when plugged in to the AnywhereUSB device the device manager has troubles with the device and says it cannot start.
I can plug in a USB storage device and access it via the AnywhereUSB. The compatibility checking utility say’s that it is compatible. Is there something else I need to do to get this working?


Hi Nathaniel,

We actually had one of our other customers send us one of these to test out in our engineering labs. Well, not exactly the weather station but something that detected as your device does (Silicon labs) Unfortunately we were unable to make it work.

We have found that some devices are expecting the microsoft usb driver to be presented and when that does not happen (we use ionhub.sys) the device will fail to install/start.

I don’t believe we were able to get any assistance form the company who makes the product so right now (unless you feel you can procure some resources for us) we can’t do anything to just make it work.

If you’d like feel free to email me directly at, I’d be happy to discuss it with you further. I could have our Australian sales rep to call you to discuss various options. Are you wanting to use the AnywhereUSB because you need to use a virtual machine (AWUSB is providing usb support) or are you wanting to extend out the distance of your USB device from your PC? If it’s the latter there are other options we can explore.

Take care
Mike Swift