USBAnywhere Faxing Timeouts

We have 1 USBAnywere and 3 Rapidport/4’s modems that we use with Microsoft Fax. We regularly (10-20% of faxes)have issues with faxes that do not get received properly. The problem appears to be that the fax machines do not complete a handshake and connection. Being that this issue is happening to all 3 RapidPorts, I feel that the issue is with the USBAnywhere not keeping up with communication.

Are there any firmware updates or other suggested fixes?

Event Log entry:
The Fax service failed to receive a fax. From: 815 834 0028. CallerId: . To: Fax. Pages: 0. Device Name: Rapidport USB 56K Modem PnP #3.

Server: 2003 Enterprise SP2 - Only role is faxing. Running on VMWare 3.5 host - lightly loaded.


  • boot code: v1.4.8
  • firmware: v1.80.7
  • hardware: 0x5


  • edgeser.sys 4.50.14
  • ionenm.sys 4.20.01
  • impscoin.dll 4.20.01
  • edgeport.exe 5.52.0
  • ionflash.exe 2.0.0
  • MS High Speed Hub Fix is enabled

I have 2 K’s and 1 J.

You’re running an older AnywhereUSB driver. Update to the latest, which is v2.51 and let me know how the behavior changes.

By the way, the AnywhereUSB’s firmware will automatically be updated. There are no separate firmware files or update utilities.

Updated per recommendation. Initial testing still shows problems with sending faxes.

The error we have been seeing now:

Sending end: (Different fax)
The remote fax machine did not respond in time, and the call was terminated

Receiving end: RapidPorts with USBAnywhere device
The Fax service failed to receive a fax. From: Pella Windows. CallerId: . To: Fax. Pages: 0. Device Name: Rapidport USB 56K Modem PnP #10.

  1. What are the 50xxxxxx part numbers of your three Rapidport/4 units?

  2. What firmware revision are each of those Rapidport/4 units running? You can determine this by issuing the “ATI” command if connected directly to an associated modem (i.e. via HyperTerminal) or by querying the modem through Windows via Phone & Modem options. The firmware should be listed at the very end of a string that says something like “Rapidport USB 56K Modem PnP”.


  1. All 3 are 50001241-01

  2. All modems are running 4.25f

Sorry I should have asked you for the revisions too. They would be a letter after the 50xxxxxx P/N.


We have newer firmware for those two rev K units. Supposedly it better supports faxing applications so I suggest updating the firmware on those two units.

See the .hex file I’ve attached and be sure to only update the rev K units. To be safe, if feasible, unplug the rev J unit from the PC before updating the other Rapidports. I also recommend first disabling whatever applications might be using the modems (i.e. MS Fax in your scenario) and then power cycling the two rev K units before updating the firmware.

Once you’re ready to update the firmware, open the Edgeport Configuration Utility from the start menu (should be in the “Digi USB” group), click the Update button and browse to the gqqg132j.hex file. After you update those two Rapidports confirm that you’re running the newer version by querying for the firmware like you previously did.

Then, of course, let me know again how the behavior changes, at least related to those two rev K units if you can keep track of which one is the J.

It improved, but we are still seeing the issue.

From reading other forums, could this problem be caused by the USB Anywhere device only being USB 1.1?

Can you tell which Rapidport units the issue-at-hand is related to? I wonder if it’s just the older revision Rapidport with the older firmware.

No, the issue is not related to USB 1.1. The Rapidport/4 is also USB 1.1 and was specifically designed to work with the AnywhereUSB. Other people use Rapidport + AWUSB just fine.

Most of the errors today have been with 1 modem. We have 2 K’s and 1 J. The errors from today have been on the J which is running 4.25f.

Is it feasible for you to completely temporarily remove the “J” unit from scenario, isolating it in order to see how the other modems behave?

Feasible, yes. But it will be difficult.

There are 4 inbound faxes on the J unit. I would need to move those four to a different server. Will doing this help?

It might. What I’m trying to determine here, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, is if the issue is solely related to the “J” unit at this point. It seems that way but removing it completely and monitoring the behavior of the “K” units would give us more evidence. But if it’s too inconvenient then you can keep monitoring the log files and seeing what modems (what rev Rapidports) are related to the issue(s). In the end, if it turns out that the K units behave better than the J unit we’ll be glad to swap out the J for a K for you. In case it’s not obvious, the J can’t use the newer firmware that I provided for the K.

I can easily manage to figure out which rapidport is causing the issue without moving it. Based upon the modem number, I know which device it is.

Most of the issues from today have been the J. What would it take to swap it out?

Please update your profile to include your e-mail address then let me know and I’ll have a sales rep contact you about the swap.

It is up-to-date. Or do I need to make it visible?

You may need to make it visible since I’m not seeing it in your profile.

It is visible now.