Utilize XBee processor to do simple function


I’m new to the XBee and 802.15.4 so please ask if I don’t make something very clear.

I am wanting to transmit from up to 8 different data points (stations) back to a receiving unit. Each station will be gathering wind speed and direction info.

For wind direction I am using a hall effect sensor that is outputing analog data. I will use one ADC I/O on the Xbee to transmit back a value of 0 to 1024.

The wind speed sensor will incorporate 2+ hall effect switches. I have been using an Arduino to tally up the info every second and give a number which would represent the wind speed. I’ve just been using digital inputs for these, counting the HI that is created when the switches are engaged.

I am wanting to send info from each station every .5 seconds.

Is there a way to program the XBee, meaning make a simple function, that could replace the need for the additional processor (Arduino)?

I’ve read that on the v1 XBees they are using a Freescale microprocessor.

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