Vid and PANID , hopping channel and scan channels

I have an XBee Pro ZB S2 (XBP24BZ7B) and everytime I try to configure it on X-CTU I get an error or it asks me to press on the reset button on the interface /dev board, but nothing happens. I tried everything but i’m losing hope.

So I took from a friend of mine her XBeeP09,the X-ctu recongizes it in the modem configuration window but instead of PANID , i get VID ,
and no scan channels, but i get hopping channels .

Now my question is what is the difference between VID and PANID and also hopping channels and scan channels ?? because i need this module to communicate with a ConnectPortX2

and so will the xbeeP09 work wih the connectportx2?!

thank you


The products you are referring to are two comply different devices.

The XBee ZB module (2.4 GHz) is a ZigBee ( compliant device. Per its specifications, it is a direct sequence product for which a device called a Coordinator selects a channel within the Scan Channel mask in order to establish the network within. The PAN ID is a 64 bit Personal Area network address that defined the address of the network. Similar to a key for a door.

The XBee PRO 900 is a Proprietary device that is a frequency hopping product. Unlike the direct sequence product of the XBee ZB modules, a frequency hopping product hops over a given number of channels as it transmits data via the entire frequency range. In this case, 900 MHz.

Depending on which version of the X2 you have will depend on which RF module will function with it. What I would suggest is checking the part number of the X2 in question on our web site to determine which version of the product you have. That will then tell you which RF module will work with it.