Configuring two Xbee Pro 50mW Serie 2B


I have buy two xbee Pro 50mW Series 2B and also two arduino xbee shield.

I can´t put this two xbee comunicating correctly:

I use X-CTU software to configue, when i make test/Query the information about modem type is XBP24BSE for each xbee.

I try configuring with the firmware XBP24BSE, Function set in one of them with ZIGBEE SE COORD API Version 3130 and the other ZIGBEE SE ROUTER API Version 3300, i change only PAN ID for the same value (100).

He make the upload sucessfuly and can read the values. When i try the comand +++ for each xbee in terminal of x-ctu i don´t get any response and the range test give me 100% of errors in comunication between my Xbee´s.

If i try the firmware XBP24BZ7 Version 20A7 with function set to ZIGBEE Coordinator AT and router AT (Version 22A7) changing only PAN ID to 100, i can comunicate succesfuly in terminal and in range test but lost a lot of pakackage (97% in 10000 package 1bit).

Can i put i firmware diferent of my modem like i explain in my configuration?how can i reduce the lost package?

Do you know how i can configure the original firmware of my modem (XBP24BSE) to can comunicate with my two xbee´s?

I m sorry for my english, im new in zigbee world and really want to learn how configure correctly this stuff, i bought this xbee because the range (1600m) is fine for my project.


Carlos Tavares


The Xbee ZB can be used for transfer of low rate data transfer. So, loss of packet depends on different aspects. How is connectivity between two modules. What is the application. At a single event how many bytes are being sent. Truly max theoretically 256 bytes can be sent at once, but maximum 100 bytes only need to be sent. Plus also need to take care on which channel the zigbee is working, because there can be packet loss due to Wi-Fi channel interference with ZigBee.

On other hand 31xx and 33xx firmwares are for ZigBee Smart Energy Public Profile. Here you can communicate between two radios using ZigBee Explicit API frames using proper cluster ID and End point. Even Smart Energy profile works with enhanced security, which requires certificates to be loaded on it. These certificate are provided by Certicom. There are two types of certs : 1) production certs 2) Test Certs. You ca make test communication using test certs loaded on the xbee module. You need to apply to Certicom for certs.