What would be a direct substitute for the XB24CZ7PIS-004 module?

I see that the XB24CZ7PIS-004 is NRND so I just wanted to ask what would be a suitable pin-to-pin and functionally compatible module to substitute it?


That would be the direct replacement.

Have a read of the migration guide here:

Note that XB3-24Z8PS-J has ridiculous lead times (80 WEEKS! from Mouser). If you have already specced in XB24CZ7PIS-004 then buy the 93 sitting at Avnet because you have little chance of finding stock of XB3-24Z8PS-J

Other options to deal with the ridiculous lead times could be:

  1. Use the uFL variant XB3-24Z8US-J and add a small patch antenna.
  2. Use the micro XBee 3 version XB3-24Z8CM-J and build your own break out board.
  3. Both option 1 and 2 with XB3-24Z8UM-J.
  4. Use the DigiMesh and 802.15.4 versions of the XBee 3 and change the firmware to ZigBee via XCTU. You can then mix up 1,2 and 3.
  5. Use the PRO variant and wind down the power level if you are allowed to use this in the country you are selling into. Turn down the power output if you need the battery power saving.
  6. Design out Digi XBee. This is extreme but the lead times are nuts with no end in sight. I am not sure if other RF modules have any better lead time though!

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT

Thanks for the info!!

I wouldn’t worry about stock, we have plenty of XB24CZ7PIS-004. I’m just asking to be prepared.