Where can I get the Digi Connect Programmer for this device.

Where can i purchase or download the Digi Connect Programmer for this custom device?

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Can you please elaborate on your question? What product are you using ?
this one? Connectcore 9P 9215? 3G? What OS? What are you trying to program? FLASH? JTAG?

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Actually, ‘Digi Connect Programmer’ is a SW product, which appears to be not so public now:

For example, a web search brings up
> Release Notes PN 93000950
> Digi Connect Programmer
> Version 04/08/2009
> Software PN
> 40002363
> Rev. E

So I assume Jim D is looking for this. It’s a DOS tool which can use ADDP and do some low-level tweaks to a Digi Connect/Connect Port product.

Here: ftp://ftp1.digi.com/support/utilities/40002363_e.zip

It is not supported anymore but still works on some mature products.