Why am I getting 'Name not registered' when executing a command from the API explorer? (upload a file to my device)

I’m trying to upload a file to my digi xbee industrial gateway and I see that there is an API explorer on the device manager. I went ahead and created an example of this by going to API Explorer>Examples>SCI>RCI>File system>Upload to Device’s Filesystem And it created the following:


On which I updated my device information and the BASE64 corresponding to the file contents and I’m getting the following as answer:

            Name not registered

Why is this happening? Isn’t the API explorer supposed to create functional examples? Or what am I missing?

The API Explorer doesn’t currently restrict the examples to only those relevant to your device, so some of them might not be applicable.

If you try the example found under SCI -> File System Service -> Upload File then I believe it should work for your device. The one you tried primarily works for older devices.

Yeah SCI -> File System Service -> Upload File works.