Why doesn't the ATCM command work on my S3B?

We have a range tester that I would like to put on alternate frequencies than the modules that we ship. I wanted to use the ATCM command to change the available frequencies but I just get ERROR when I issue the command.

The radio part number is XBP9B-XCWT-001 rev C.

I guess you could be using the XSC firmware. Check in X-CTU to see what you have flashed to the module (read the modem and look for XBP9B-__ you want the __ to be DM or DP for the ATCM to work. In XC mode that command doesn’t exist.)

That is just a guess. any other details about how you have the XBee set up?

Yes, Thank you Jeremy!

I am using the XSC firmware.

Sorry, it is a bit confusing when the different firmware is an appendix instead of a standalone document. I use the ‘find’ feature a lot and it jumps me back to the DM and DP sections. So I keep seeing features that don’t exist in my firmware version. /rant