Why USB is not viewed in my Device Manager

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Kindly note that the below procedure is followed:

  1. Hard reset of the AnywhereUSB concentrator and the following IP is assigned to the DIGI server:
  2. A Real Port Driver for windows 10 is installed at my laptop with the IP: (the setup64.exe for windows10 is used for installation, at network settings the IP: is used and RealPort : 771 TCP)
  3. An Ethernet autosense cable is connected from my laptop to the DIGI server at port LAN1.
  4. After that I open a Web GUI for the AnywhereUSB and get the following from the Connections Management tab: connected to realport server protocol=> realport

Where we can see the Active Connection to the Real Port Client located at (my laptop).
5. Nevertheless, when open the Device Manager in my laptop (that plays the role of the backend server ) cannot see the USB that I have connected in the AnywhereUSB Concentrator.
6. When I connect directly my USB to my laptop (backend server) I can definitely see that USB:
–USB Mass Storage Device

It is the USB Mass Storage Device.

Why I cannot see that when I connect the USB Mass Storage USB to the AnywhereUSB concentrator (14 ports) i.e. at port 1 with group1 already configured from Configuration Uitility?

Thank you very much for your prompt response,