Win XP Modem Driver?

HI, I’m wondering if there is a windows XP modem driver for the Portserver TS3+M ?

When Using Digi RealPorts software Windows XP detects the Modem but can not find a driver for it.

on PortServer TS 3 + Modem - Port 1 (COM2)

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Device ID - SERENUM\DIM0003\2&95ECD78&0&0000

Sure, the modem inf file is included with the driver package.
Please be sure you have the latest drivers, version 4.1.353.0.
If you need them you can get them at this link:
Redetect the modem and then browse to the directory where you have the drivers unzipped.

HI, Thanks for the info.

I downloaded and updated using the latest Digi RealPorts software.

It did bomb out a few times before finally taking, but after this XP did not detect any modem on the mapped Digi port (COM2).

Which I thought was strange.

Anyhow I manually forced it to instal the driver for the TS3+M and all seems to be well.

The Modem ID’s from within the windows driver section.

Funny though how add new hardware within XP now does not detect the modem any more.

Oh well anyhow, Thanks for your help.