Windows 7 64 bit issues?

Using RS232 with Windows 7 64 bit in a lab environment. Using Orchard lab software and a Clinitek Status.

Occasionally the Clinitek Status will fail to send results back to Orchard software leaving things in a state of limbo. I’ve been told that the RS232 do not play nicely with Windows 7 although I have 2 additional RS232 in a lab environment and have had no issues.

I’m down to either the RS232 being the issue or the age of the Clinitek Status. From what I have gathered, the sending of results from the machine is mostly dependent upon baud rate, parity bit, etc. I have verified these settings to be correctly configured.

Are there any known issues with the RS232 and Windows 7 64 bit? I have the latest driver. I am considering moving the RS232 to a different usb port to see if it will improve performance. Orchard has suggested a different model (Digi Neo) as a replacement. I am hesitant to replace it considering my lack of problems with the other 2 RS232.


What Digi product are you using? An Edgeport, I’m guessing? If so, does it pass the loopback test mentioned in the KB article just below?

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Great reply, I will give this a shot when I am onsite this week.