Windows cannot verify the digital signature of the drivers required for this device

I downloaded RealPort installation software for Windows 7 professional 40002549_K (driver version 4.11.491.0) for virtualization of serial ports (TS 4 H MEI), but the driver’s digital signature error occurs, preventing the installation and recognition of the serial ports by Windows.
I tried to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows, it worked by allowing the driver to be installed, but when Windows is restarted the problem returns.
Is there any way to fix this problem?

Disabling driver signature enforcement temporarily solves it, but the issue returns after a restart. Have you tried updating to a newer driver version or checking for compatibility with Windows 7? That might help resolve the problem permanently.

@ LLemes, as @ jackphillips825 mentioned, disabling driver signature enforcement is one way to go, but since that applies to all future applications as well, I won’t recommend that for security reasons.

The resolution for this will be to remove the old Realport driver (shouldn’t need to do this for any recently released versions), then install the latest Windows 7 compat version of Realport (current version still is).

I worked a case yesterday with someone reporting the exact issue above, and remove/install new version did resolve the issue for them. Was that you @ LLemes?

Install an older version of the driver that works, I had the same problem. Win XP version 4.7 worked correctly.,v=1