Windows Service or Running the Watchport/h in the background


I am trying to run my Watchport /H from a windows 2k3 server, and have the program run even when I log off of the server. Right now I have to leave my session logged on, and it will monitor the temperature just fine, however if someone logs me off or needs access to the server it stops running.

I have tried to follow the Create a windows service, however it does not interact with the USB Sensor. It will only monitor if I have the GUI Watchport Software running.



Hello Andrew,

The current release of Watchport Manager does not have a service feature, so logging out of the PC would close the program (this is expected behavior).

Note that our Watchport developer is working on a separate version of Watchport Manager that runs as a service. I’ll send you an e-mail when it’s available.


Thanks for your response. I have heard that they are working on a fix for this problem before and still not fixed. Any idea when it might be ready by?


Sorry, we don’t have an estimated release date yet. The best I can say is that this project is underway.

Please inform me also, when it is possible to have a software/service that is running in the background.

Sure. Please update your e-mail address in your profile so we can notify you via e-mail.

Hi all,

Any update on this?


The last I heard from our Watchport developer, the Watchport Manager that will run as a service is expected to be released in about a month. I’ll add you to a waiting list (unless you’re already on it) so we’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Thanks for the speedy update, Jeremy. Great response time! I look forward to the new software. Yes, please add me to the notification list.

Thank you.