Watchport Manager - running unattended

We have recently setup our first Watchport sensor in our server room, a simple temperature sensor.

Everything is working fine, however limitations of the Watchport Manager software prevent it being run as a service at this time.

The application is set to start automatically when the appropriate profile logs in, and is working flawlessly.

My concern comes with an unattended system restart, possibly due to a push from our central office of software or OS updates to the system running Watchport (which is a normal workstation, not a server).

Does anyone have any way around this issue?
I have used Intserv and Srvany before, and have tried it on Watchport. The service is created and runs, but there are no log files being generated, which leads me to believe the software is not running properly behind the scenes.

I cannot find a list of command line options for Watchport that I might be able to use to tweak it.

I understand there is no official support for this at this time from Digi, as they have indicated it’s something they are working on in the documentation I rec’d with the sensor package.

But if anyone has any ‘tricks’ they can pass along, I’d appreciate it.

Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any tricks to get Watchport Manager to run as a service. The next main version of Watchport Manager (2.x) will offer the option of running as a service. The last I heard, it should be available in a few months. Thanks in advance for your patience.