WR31 Not Getting IP Address.


I’ve been having trouble getting an IP address assigned by my provider. I’m using the Rogers Network in Canada, and the exact part number is the WR31-M52A-DE1-TB. It looks like it’s attaching to the network, but failing to connect.

So far I’ve tried.

  1. Following the guide below trying the APN’s rogers-core-appl1.apn and ltemobile.apn


  1. Using the quick start wizard shown through my web browser when starting over from a factory reset

  2. Using automatically selected APNs.

Here’s the output from Management -> Network Status -> Interfaces -> Mobile if it helps.

Mobile Connection

Registration Status: Registered, home network
Signal Strength: Excellent (-90 dBm)
Signal Quality: Excellent (-8.5 dB)

Mobile Statistics

IP Address: Not Available
Primary DNS Address: Not Available
Secondary DNS Address: Not Available
Data Received: Not Available
Data Sent: Not Available

Mobile Information
Results of Last Module Status Poll at 1 Jan 2000 22:16:28
Outcome: Got modem status OK
SIM status: READY
Firmware Carrier ID: AT&T/Generic
Signal strength: -65 dBm
Radio technology: WCDMA
Signal quality (UMTS): RSSI -57 dBm, Ec/Io -8.0 dBm
Channel: 4383
Cell ID: 043802A
Network: ROGERS, 302720
Service Domain: CS+PS
Manufacturer: Telit
Model: LE910-NA V2
Firmware: 20.00.505
IMEI: 358148061667932
IMSI: 302720610257220
ICCID: 89302720523073171666
Phone number: Not available
Preferred system: Automatic
GPRS Attachment Status: Attached
GPRS Registration: Registered, home network
Network Technology: UMTS/HSDPA
Connection Status: Normal, unspecified
Temperature: 27C

Check your APN

wrong or no APN setting will cause this kind of issue

You may need to contact your provider for correct APN

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Ran into something similar.

Network -> Interfaces -> Advanced -> PPP1 interface -> Advnaced

Set a usernmae / passsword
remote username / password

Magically started working.

And/or set APN manually.