X-CTU modem configuration read problem

X-CTU modem configuration-> read , not working
any guide how to use it (got the x4 kit)

in terminal ATVR return 2241
downloaded the new version “XCTU ver. installer”
unchecked “Enable API”
and pressing the read button

the XTCU point me to “get new version” and web download is returning “The connection with the server was reset”

The XCTU User Manual can be found on the Support website under the documentation link for that product.

2241 is a ZB AT firmware, so you should be able to just read the module.

the manual is not really helping here

I tried just pressing read, but I go the problem I wrote

can you help?


It would be useful to know if an error is returned when you try reading, and what the dialogue box at the bottom of the Modem Configuration screen in XCTU shows when this is attempted.

natanel, Do you have a firewall enabled? If so, you may need to either disable it configure it to allow the X-CTU software to download updates.

Before you do anything, may I suggest checking to see if your X-CTU software has the necessary firmware files installed on the PC. You can do this by selecting the proper modem type and function set. Then check the version tab for the 2x41 version you are looking for.

If you do not have it, the it may become necessary to download the necessary files from the support site either with the X-CTU software or directly.

thanks again
firewall was the problem

firmware was updated and now my two xbee speak with each other through the terminal

mmmm… thinking what to do next