X-Stick communication

Hi, we are building a school model of process controlled by MaxStream X-Bee Digimesh 2.4 devices by setting their PWM and DO via API frames. Last week we bought a X-Stick ZB device, to controll devices from any PC. Problem is, that X-Stick dont find and connect to the other devices and we cannot figure why. We have installed driver from Digi page and X-CTU version . X-CTU can connect to X-Stick and can read and write all parameters. We have forced firmaware update and tried to set different parameters, but X-Stick doesnt communicate with any other X-Bees anyway. We cant find any good tutorial about connecting X-Stick with existing mesh. Here are links to images of parameters read by X-CTU:

If anybody had this problem and solved it, please reply, we need to connect X-Stick ZB to rest of mesh.
If there is a compatibility problem, we also have few Digi X-Bee PRO devices, but there we have a problem with setting PWM value parameter, so our primary objective is to make X-Stick communicate with basic X-Bee Digimesh 2.4

Thanks for any help

XStick ZB will never communicate with XBee DigiMesh 2.4 modules because both are incompatible with each other.