X2E Customization option like X2 has in Device Cloud

I’ve been using Device Cloud for some time with various ConnecPort. An option that I had with a X2 model was to “customize” that device. A file called “defaults.rci” located on the device allowed me to change factory settings so if someone in the field has the bright idea of making a factory reset, it would retain very importannt network configuration that allows the device to work correctly.

I’ve been migrating some of those X2 for Cellular 3G. I can not find anywhere to have the same setup and it is even more important as the Mobile APN need to be filled in to work with my ISP. If someond does a factory reset on this device, the APN is wiped off the device and it can not communicate anymore.

To mitigate the problem, I have been changing the button behavior in device cloud on the X2E so it doesn’t perform a factory reset when pressed (as it is the default behavior) but to me this is not the correct way as sometime a factory reset might be a good idea.

Any advice on how to retain the APN in case the device is factory reset ?

The X2e does not have the same ‘customization’ feature that the X2 does per se. While you can change the button behavior, the ability to change logos in the webUI along with css look and feel, isn’t built into the firmware.

I’m not sure of a way to simulate it. It would have to be something with python but I don’t know how you would auto start a python application after doing a factory default…

And the same functionality in the X2 would have allowed me to set a python script to start after a factory reset…

I guess it’s one of the many feature that we lost with the X2E over the X2. It’s a good thing the X2E is that expensive, most of our costumers are keeping their X2, meaning less headache for me.

I know this forum is for facts and not opinion, but with many others little facts like these makes me think the X2E is actually a downgrade from the X2…

Thanks for your answer anyways !

Write a short script which disables factory reset while monitoring for the same long-button press to initiate a custom reset. Once triggered do anything that makes sense for your application including application of a defaults.rci file using the rci module.

Not as elegant as the X2 solution but works reasonably well. Minor risk from running at a higher layer (dependency on Python autostart, button monitoring, etc).