Xbee 3 not receiving after remote AT command

Hello all,
I am doing a very basic use on 2 XBEE 3 and I noticed a behavior that I cannot explain .
I have 2 XBEE 3 function 802.15.4 connected through XBEE adapters to 2 PC’s. I will call XBEE A the sender that is the coordinator. Both are API mode 1 .
I am using XCTU to send frames from XBEE A and to display the received frames on XBEE B .
When I send Transmit Frame from A to B, it works perfectly. The sent frame is is displayed on XBEE B.
Now when I send a Remote AT command from XBEE A to set the pin D0 to HIGH on Xbee B, the pin is correctly set to ON (By default it was set LOW).
On XBEE A I can display the pin status using the Remote request D0 command.
But when I send from XBEE A a transmit request it does not work any more.
I can get out of this situation only issuing a software reset command (FR) which also reset the XBEE to the factory configuration thus setting the D0 pin to LOW.
My question is : why is this happening ? what I can do to avoid this or how can get out of this situation without resetting the XBEE ?

I tried to join the Profiles of the 2 XBEE’s and the the frame list I using but the upload function does support the file format.

I would suggest submitting a Support Request by going to https://my.digi.com/ and logging in. The other option is to send an email to technical.support@digi.com. When doing so, please include as much data as possible including the configuration you are using on both ends as well as the API frames you are sending.