xbee 3 usb adapter as a Zigbee co-ordinator to linux gateway


As a newbie on xbee community, I have few questions regarding the Xbee 3 USB adapter:

  1. Is the USB dongle meant for only sniffing the zigbee network?
  2. What is the zigbee radio chip being used in Xbee 3 USB adapter?
  3. If it is Silicon labs chip, Can i reflash the silicon labs’ NCP firmware into xbee USB dongle and make it as a zigbee co-ordinator (by plugging it on Linux gateway USB port)?


No, it is not a Zigbee sniffer. It is designed to allow a USB enabled device to be able to talk over a Zigbee network.

To enable a Zigbee coordinator, just set the ATCE command to a value of 1.


Thank you for the response. But I am still not sure what is the zigbee chip used inside xbee3 usb adapter?