Xbee and AP how to force association

DHCP Lease removed radio recovery: (radio 2024)

After lease expires or removal:
ATMY returns

ATID dedc
ATPK xxxxxxxx

DHCP client table on device does not show radio.

for upto thirty minutes or longer,
ATMY returns, ATLA returns NULL
ATAI returns 0x40 which isnt listed.

How can I force an immediate radio association with the AP after setting SSID…?


The reliability of this radio is questionable. In a lab environment with the radio less then a meter from its AP, it cannot maintain an association, nor is the device able to report nor autodetect the issue. I can get 18 to 24 hourly reports before the unit fails to report via tcp. A second unit a app ten meters away, it lasts maybe ten hours then quits. The tcp server where it is reporting is in a production environment in a data center, this issue is the radio. How/Why is this device unable to persist an association with an AP? When ATAI!=0 why doesnt it just re-associate on its own? Should I be doing a +++ ATAI before every transmit? It seems I can auto-correct this with at ATFR, but that just seems silly. I hope against hope this is my fault. My experience has always led me away from devices of “convenience” that obscure their operation. I would rather open the open socket connection myself handle the communication, this throwing it over the fence is clearly a fools errand, costing me infinitely more time, unjustifiable unit cost and frustration then just doing it myself with an ESP8266 for four bucks. I am not at all pleased. Eat my shorts DIGI.