Xbee firmware toast?

i’m using an Xbee ZB (back says XB24-z7WIT-004 revE) on a Libelium sheild for an Arduino Duemilanove.

i have two of these set ups, and one is working fine. i’ve swapped everything at least once and the problem is the Xbee.

it appears the firmware is fudged and now the modem can’t communicate or upload new firmware. the problem is described very accurately in the following thread:


i’ve looked high and low and found about a dozen different answers to this question - none of which have worked.

i’m getting a little exasperated.


one of my xbees

The best thing would probably be to call Tech Support and have someone walk you through a few things over the phone if the various posts on the forum haven’t gotten you up and running yet.

okay, so i called digi and they were insanely helpful. considering that they sell hundreds of thousands of these things to large companies, the fact that i got prolly an hour or more of help goes a long way toward a favorable opinion of digi! kudos to them in a world of absolutely horrendous customer service. the guy actually called me BACK because he rethought his advice! wow.

after telling them my application, they suggested that the ZB was a bad choice. i guess it’s geared towards creating largish networks that are capable of multiple communication paths - this makes them about half as fast as the 802.15.4 modules, which are simpler.

anyway, i’ve returned the ZB’s and ordered the 802.15.4’s. hopefully these will work out of the box and this time i’m NOT going to fool with the firmware!