Xbee Gateway (WiFi - Ethernet) is really slow to establish fully working wireless connection

We have developed a custom Digi Python Application that connects our Xbee Gateway to a cloud server and sends data. The problem we are facing is the following.
When we use the Ethernet interface for connecting to the Internet everything works perfectly.
However when we are using the Wireless Interface, it takes quite a lot of time (random times from 1 - 15 minutes) to connect to the Internet. Please note that during wireless connection we have Ethernet disconnected (Even tried disabling the interface completely) but with no effect whatsoever.

This is not a problem with our application but with the firmware on the gateway. I am saying this because, although it directly gets assigned an IP (we even assign static IP to the wireless interface), it does not realize its wireless connection is up to use it for network communications.

A simple explanation of test steps shows the problem.

  1. Connect Xbee Gateway through ethernet, and configure its wireless settings to connect to WLAN with static IP settings, mask: and Gateway IP
  2. Apply the network settings, wait a couple of minutes and power off the gateway
  3. Disconnect the Ethernet cable, and power on the Xbee Gateway
  4. As soon as the Network LED on Xbee Gateway becomes solid yellow (which indicates network connectivity and IP assigned), we can access the Web interface of the Xbee Gateway from a web browser ( succesfully.
  5. Now if we login with SSH to the gateway using its WLAN IP( and issue ping google.com we get a “Bad address google.com” ! However if we ping it gets pinged correctly!!
  6. When some random time passes and connectivity is established fully, ping google.com works correctly!

I am guessing this is some kind of firmware problem since it can ping IPs, but it cannot resolve hostnames. So maybe there is a problem understanding which interface is up, and use this interface to contact the DNS server and resolve hostnames. Or something similar with this.

Please note that none of this happens with Ethernet interface. We have immediate connectivity.

Xbee Gateway firmware is latest

Any suggestions? Or could I file an issue for tech support to check this and update the firmware with a fix???


Are you specifying dns1 and dns2 settings on the unit?

Both DNS1 and DNS2 are setup for wireless the same as Ethernet.

Also as I said pinging works correctly.
Resolving hostnames isn’t working.