Xbee Pro s2c pin sleep - end device rejoin in the network

I have two Xbee Pro S2C in my network.(coordinator and router)
When I put the router in pin sleep mode (turning it into end device), the coordinator can´t discover the end device anymore. After this, I need to plug my end device in the USB on my computer, puting it into no sleep mode (router), so this whay the coordinator finds it, and remotely I can configure it in pin sleep again, turning into an end device and I can get the data from my sensor attached to it. But If the coordinator turns off and then turn on again in another moment, It can´t discover the end device again. Anyone has any ideia about how discovering an end device in pin sleep mode?


You are not going to “Discover” any Zigbee device that is in a sleep state. You can only discover it when it is awake. In this case, you need to drive the sleep request pin to wake the module.