XBee S1 not working

I am using the Parallax Propeller Activity Bot with Propeller Tool and a XStick. It used to work wirelessly, but recently it stopped. When I unplug the cord, The Activity Bot will emit a sound then all of the XBee lights will turn off. Do anyone have an idea what is wrong?

This would be a question that really should be asked on Propellers web site.

Most of the cases where your XBee is hiding it’s because the baud rate has been altered. A quick fix for this is to select all possible baud rates in the discovery window, then click Finish. The discovery process works a lot like the add process except it tests out every selection you make in this window – that means it will take a little longer to finishHopefully you’ve found an XBee that was just configured to talk at a weird baud rate. If not you can select any of the other checkboxes as well, but it’ll make for a longer and longer discovery process. You might get errors such as Flash Checksum Error or Failed to enter Command mode or Detected Baud rate Difference. I have gotten them many times.