Xbee S1 with 6LowPan stack

I am using two Xbee Series 1 modules. One is connected to XCTU (as coordinator) and other one (as end device). I have to enable data transfer over 6Lowpan stack over these xbee devices. When I change the A1 parameter AT command frame I can see the end device getting associated with the coordinator (LED on end device blinks 2 times a second). Also the AI command response in 0x0. I now want to push the beacon request reply to the 6LowPan stack.
What type of frame (API identifier) does the end device receive for Active scan?
Also, after the beacons what should be the ND command identifier type (0x8 or 0x17)?


How did you manage to run 6LowPan on S1 modules? To extend what I know, they work on 802.15.4 protocol and nothing else.

I have not run it on 6LowPan stack yet.Just exploring
whether it is possible or not

No, that product does not support 6Low pan or thread. You need to look at the latest XBee ZB modules for that functional support.

Hello mvut,
Thanks for your answer. Our idea is to enable peer to peer communication between Xbee devices with 6lowpan stack above it.
The S1 Xbee has coordinator support and end device can associate with it. So will two Xbee S1 devices suffice or using ZB modules be needed?

6LowPan is intended to be sent over an 802.15.4 network and not a Zigbee network.