Xbee s2 can communicate with different hardware version?

I have 3 pcs of XBEE Series 2 modules.
all of them is xb24-zb, firmware version is 23A7
but hardware is different. one of them is 194A and others are 1946. one coodirnater with 1946 and two routers(all modules have same PAN ID and SC)

I try ND command with coodirnater,but it only get the information with one of routers with 1946.

different hardware can’t communicate with each other ?

Thanks you all.I have been solved.
The main problem is the setting of the stack. Must be a new set even from the default 0 to 1 to write back to 0.

i also have a battery pack running through a 3.3V regulator (powering MCU and Xbee… When i attempt to run off the battery power after disconnecting the debugger the blinking led/ pwn work but the xbee no longer works… I have checked power / ground / DIn(from UART TX) and Dout(from UART RX) power/ ground good, transmit pin on xbee is getting signal but nothing is sent to x-ctu (which works perfectly fine while connected to debugger)